Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Gem Seekers! We’ll be writing often and sharing our thoughts, feelings, and joys in hopes of uplifting and even inspiring you if we can. To kick things right off, I’ll share a little gem of joy from my life today.

So, I got off work later than I’d hoped but was greeted outside by something that brought me straight to a smile: popcorn in the sky! Everywhere! Well, to be precise, I guess the popcorn was really made of water droplets dangling in the atmosphere….but to me it was popcorn!–popcorn tinted in yellows and blues and pinks.

I’m not sure how many times clouds have brought me a smile, but I know I can’t count the number on my fingers and toes. Things like clouds remind me of Heavenly Father (of God) because, like his love, they are free and glorious. Every day brings a new display of clouds, just like every day brings new evidence of his love. I suppose we could have been given a world without clouds, but I believe God blesses us with all sorts of little reminders that he’s there and that he cares enough to cheer our day with popcorn–popcorn in the sky–in yellows and pinks and blues.

Truly yours,


ps – Here’s a little quote I found from a freelance photographer of clouds that goes along with this thought, “I always say that the sky is God’s canvas, and He paints for us every day.” – Chris Sterbenz

(photo by 阿爾特斯 taken in Taiwan, found on Wikipedia’s “Altocumulus cloud” page)