Hi there blogreaders,

I decided I really wanted to post about something really moving, positive, uplifting, current and real. The Chilean Mine Rescue. (which happened earlier this month) For those of you who have no clue about what I am talking about you can go here.

I remember learning about the mine collapse some months ago and followed the story from time to time. The progress was projected as slow, and so it was with great happiness I learned that they were bringing up the rescue date a few months. (The rescue was scheduled for around Christmas time at the earliest). I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to be trapped underground for so long. For the first 17 days no one knew if they were even alive. For the miners this must have been excruciating. Can you imagine not knowing if the people who could rescue you know if you are alive or not?! Somehow, through the dedication of the shift leader and the human will to live, they managed to survive the grueling 69 days they spent underground.

How did they do it? It is for all accounts a huge miracle. Many of the miners felt a renewed faith and trust in God. Many who had not faith before, planted a seed and have started to believe in God. I think my favourite thing about all of it though was watching people come together in a worthy cause. President Pinera, the Chilean president was initially advised not to get involved. He did anyway, and many other people did as well. It just shows to me that when we work together with faith in God for a worthy purpose that great things can be accomplished.

President Pinera acknowledged the hand of God in the rescue as he gave a speech once the last miner was finally above ground. It really does not matter how far we are underground, but we can always be lifted up by the Atonement of Christ to be reunited eternally with our loved ones. It was just sweet, pure joy to watch fathers embrace children and wives, parents and siblings. I imagine that the reunion with our loved ones and our Father in Heaven will be just as sweet and filled with joy.

I did not intend to even make that comparison when I started the post, but I guess it just happens. All in all the mine rescue helps me trust and believe in the goodness of people. The good people of the world, like those miners and the people who helped save them are the real superheroes. And the best part of all this, we can be those good people too.