So, tonight I wanted to spend a little bit of time brushing up on my Russian, but then my mom came to sit by me and chat. I decided to talk to my mommy instead of studying (good choice, huh?) but then a happy compromise came along (I love the way God leads us to the best paths when we are trying to have the right priorities!). We ended up watching and laughing at a little Soviet gem: Cheburashka!

Watching it reminded me of how much I love the sweetness, innocence, happiness, and surprising depth of children’s films and literature (I’ll write more on these another day!). Here is the first part of the first episode of Cheburashka (with subtitles). I know friends have brightened my days and made my life so much happier and fuller–thank you friends! What a blessing to have great friends :) Enjoy!

Just one last thought: I hope I can become a friend like Christ. Who doesn’t want a friend like Him or to be a friend like Him? He was willing to be friends with lepers whose skin was peeling away; He befriended Samaritans and Publicans who were generally hated by the Jews; He befriended poor fishermen (who probably, yes, smelled like fish); He befriended sinners; He even befriended me. He accepts everyone and loves everyone.

He also exemplified what He taught: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13).

Another aspect of His love and friendship is that He is always willing to help, to listen, to give the advice we need, to comfort, and to stand by us when no one will. He also rejoices with us. I love my Savior and hope I can be as good a friend to Him as He is to me.

What are your thoughts on friendship?