I found myself in a rut the other day.  I started to think of all of the reasons I should be unhappy and found myself (surprise) unhappy.  I started wishing for the me that used to be. . . I’m ashamed to say I did this all day and finally broke down to my husband on the drive home from school.  I expressed all of my frustrations between sobs.  After I had cried myself out I had the thought, “Maybe you should stop wishing for the old you and accept and appreciate who you are now.”  When I shared this with my husband I cried again, but this time I cried because  I felt so much relief and love from my Heavenly Father.  I let myself forget that day.  I forgot that Heavenly Father gives us trials for a reason.  Most of all I forgot that the decision to be happy or unhappy is mine.  Have you ever read The Hiding Place?  The book is about two sisters and their father being sent to a concentration camp after they are caught helping Jews.  One of the sisters, Bestie, is always finding something to be grateful for.  She even finds a way to be grateful for the fleas!  It’s a powerful lesson that no matter what is going wrong in life there is always something going right.  So, my new goal is to find the things that are going right.  I want to add this video because I think it is so powerful and directly relates to what I’m talking about.  Like Nie Nie, I now know that the ‘new’ me is wonderful.  My life is so full of blessings and good and I wouldn’t want it any other way.