I almost started this blog by saying that I like to procrastinate. But that would mean that I would have to say I like chewing on broken bits of glass and blow drying my hair while I shower.

Even if those things were true, I wouldn’t want to lead people astray.

But somehow I keep procrastinating. I still get stuff done, but it’s never quite as good because I don’t have time to round it out. The polished perfection of circles takes time. I don’t have to be perfect, but I feel better when I’ve done my best. Doesn’t everybody?

I guess you could argue that perfect circles are boring. That oblong ovality adds character. But since no one can really achieve perfection anyway, should that be an excuse for mediocrity? Especially since the beauty of imperfection isn’t mediocre. Example—Picasso didn’t create art that looked “real” in the conventional sense. However, he had the skills to do that if he so desired.  And I’m pretty sure he consistently worked at his art. We even have to work on perfecting the art of imperfections.

I guess next month’s post will indicate whether I’ve learned anything. Check the date, anything past the 29th means I didn’t.