Far, far away on Judea’s plains

Long, long ago in a land afar

Was born a child, Our Savior, King

With birth marked by a newborn star.


Close, close to home

In a near, near time,

Do we still think

On the news sublime?


Glory to God, Glory to God

Glory to God in the highest?


How, how now will I joy in His birth?

Will, will I, too, with the angels sing?

Do I honor the life He gave?

Am I accepting the gift He did bring?


Yes, yes I, too, can rejoice in that night!

Near, near and now with all my heart.

His gift extends through both space and time;

His call: for all to come and take part.


Yes, with the angels, I, too, will sing:


Glory to God, Glory to God,

Glory to God in the highest!


Peace on earth, Good will to men!

Peace on earth,

Good will to men!