I recently read this book about every day miracles and the small amounts of time it takes to perform them.  I don’t come across books very often that make me want to be a better person.  Most of the books I read are for entertainment and not much else, but this book really made me recognize specific things I can do every day to help other people and it helped me to recognize the things other people do for me.

The day before I read this book Jacob (the husband) and I were in our living room playing cards when we heard a loud knock on our door.  Jacob went to answer it but I didn’t hear any talking and he was taking longer than I expected.  I went to see who was at the door and Jacob was standing in the driveway next to a huge basket filled with christmas presents.  We took the basket inside and as we pulled things out of it I bawled.  It wasn’t just the things that were inside- which were all amazing, it was that someone was aware of us and had made it a point to (anonymously) help us out.  We’d be easy to pass up.  From the outside it might appear that everything is ok, but we had been stressing and wondering how on earth we were going to be able to pay all of our bills and make it to January.  Someone knew and they chose to help us.

After reading the book and reflecting more on the help we’ve received during the course of our marriage I decided to take the advice of the author and keep a miracle journal.  I’m not always good at remembering to write them down but I’ve become better at recognizing.  Miracles happen to us every single day.  They’re not always big but I believe they are always monumental.  Learn to see the miracles happening in your life.  Acknowledge them and remember those times next time someone needs your help.


p.s. My miracle for today: I found a pair of sunglasses that don’t make me look like a bug (I have a small head) and successfully block out harsh light.  For a migraine sufferer that is a huge miracle :)