It’s a good question. And so frequently asked that most search engines finish asking it after typing “Why keep…”

Must mean lots of people  are wondering.

And, as with any good or difficult question, there are thousands of answers.

I clicked on a few links to this question. And most of the answers focused on four things:

1. Family

2. There’s more to live for

3. This life might be “the whole enchilada,” as one responder put it

4. People Care

For number four, the answer “people care” didn’t actually come up. I put it on the list because most of the people who responded to someone asking, “Why should I keep living?”  didn’t actually give a list of reasons why the person should keep living. They just gave encouragement and support. They showed that they cared.

As for number three, I disagree that this life is the “whole enchilada” or even a jalapeno seed in the enchilada sauce. In other words, this life is short, and the before and after is Subway foot-long times infinity. That’s a lot of meatballs and provolone. But for anyone wandering onto this site and wondering whether to keep living, I want you to know that I’m not trying to convince you about what does or doesn’t lie beyond this life. I think the most important answer is that people care.

Regardless of what lies beyond (and there is a beyond).

Maybe you don’t feel close to your family, or you don’t have family at all. Maybe you feel like you don’t even have close friends. Even so…

People care.

Perhaps you disagree that there’s something more to live for. I think a lot of us sometimes feel (some more frequently than others) that our lone opportunity for happiness has passed us by.

Maybe I can’t convince you that it hasn’t, but I know one thing for certain:

People care.

Perhaps you really do believe that this life is the whole enchilada and—what’s worse—you hate Mexican food! That’s tough. I’d like to say that there’s a delicious (insert your favorite kind of food here) restaurant around the corner, and if you just hold on a bit, you’ll find it. And even if you can’t afford to eat there now, a way will open up. Maybe it will take a while for that to happen, in the meantime, remember—

People care.

They really do.

It’s the showing it that so many of us (often pitifully) are  trying so desperately to do.