I recently came across an article by Linda and Richard Eyre – LDS parenting ‘experts’, if you will. They said:

“The most dangerous thing to our kids is not immorality but amorality. Immorality, when it is portrayed accurately, becomes a warning in itself, as in scripture and in good literature or storytelling or movies that depict the struggle of good and evil. Amorality, though, which is often disguised by comedy and implied commonality, can have a deeply destructive effect on our kids and on ourselves.”

I thought that was an interesting point and made me think of Moissanite’s first post. Again, I wonder how much is too much when putting up with some presentation of  immorality to appreciate value in the arts.  But I think this distinction between immorality and amorality is a crucial one.

~ em

(so much for my 2 posts in January goal … we’ll see if I make it in February)