This last week my family ended its battle with cancer.  To understand this we have to back up almost two years when the epidemic started.  First my Uncle Mark, leukemia.  He fought and lost his battle with dignity and although cancer took an amazing man it did not take away his legacy or the memories that have wedged themselves permanently inside my heart.  Next was my Grandmother, ovarian. The strongest woman I know.  Cancer attempted to make her old.  It squelched her spirit for a time and almost made me forget what the strong Grandma would have said during the difficult fight.  It made me think I had lost my Grandmother while she was still alive.  Another Uncle a few weeks later, Pancreatic.   He started treatments shortly after Grandma and tried his best to stay positive.  Then the absolute last person on earth I expected to be stricken with this disease, my brother.  Sweet and positive, more passionate than anyone I know.  He had just had his first child (a son) and been married exactly one year.  He started treatments and every time I received pictures of his bald head I cried.  While everyone was struggling with the diagnosis he was strong.  For all of us.   We didn’t know how we’d get through but we did.  Grandma won her battle and shortly after Brother won his.  Unfortunately I know that life is short.  fragile.  and unpredictable.  My uncle lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last week.  Cancer once again took away a wonderful person.  A Grandfather who won’t be able to watch his grandchildren grow up, a daddy that has four children that will surely miss him every day, and a husband that won’t be able to grow old with his sweetheart.  The last one has hit me the hardest.  I cannot imagine how much it would hurt to lose my Dad, but the thought of losing my sweet husband tears my heart in two.

I don’t mean to be melodramatic in my post, but my point is that life is short.  We have no idea when or how it will end (for us or our loved ones) so take a minute to appreciate and love the people around you today.  Don’t let worthless arguments stop you from talking to the people you love.  Don’t leave your house without kissing your spouse/children/parents goodbye.  Realize God put us on this earth to learn and one of the most important lessons we can learn is to love those around us.

I found this short video on Mormon Messages and think it says more perfectly what I’m trying to say.