My sincere apologies for not posting last month.  Life caught up with me in February but I didn’t seem to catch up with it.

Today I was considering a rather interesting question/predicament, and I don’t really have any answers, so I thought I’d let everyone else here puzzle over it with me, and possibly offer any insight they may have on the topic.  The question/problem is as follows:

Is there inherent value in obeying all law, all rules, every principle, tenet, etc, that technically should govern us? If so, why?  What of conflicting rules; evidently there may be cases where one must break one rule/law/etc, so how can one act without making exceptions?  What if such laws are overly restrictive and there is no method for redress in place?  If not (if there is not value in obeying all law, etc), what should be excluded?  What are the grounds for such an exclusion?  What makes one governing criterion greater than another?  How can one reliably make exception to such things?  What is the difference between a criminal and a revolutionary?  How should this doxa (doctrine) be implemented into our praxa (practice/living)?