My mom has phrase she often says… “focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have and you will be happy!” I have found that when I do this, life IS better and I AM happier! :)

Recently, I bought a cute little journal. The cover is inscribed with this phrase: Gratitude Is a Mark of a Noble Soul. In this book I began writing things I was grateful for at the end of the day.  As I did this life began to hold more joy, excitement, meaning and happiness and I can now look back and really see all the blessings I have had.

I have also been listening to an audio book for the last couple months called THE GRATITUDE EFFECT. I have really enjoyed the stories is this book, written by John F. Demartini. I would encourage anyone to read this book, but also anyone who is having a hard or challenging time in life (and it seems that I know many who are), to focus on what they have, and to have an attitude of gratitude – and joy WILL follow! Trust me!