April 4, 2011

I feel like I’ve just spent the whole weekend in an upper room. General Conference was perfect – a beautiful gift from the Lord to bless my soul. Through the talks and the powerful Spirit and the power of revelation and prophecy all throughout, I feel like I’ve just spent two days with the Savior in an upper room, learning from Him directly and receiving knowledge about what I personally need to do to improve in my own discipleship, but also about the establishment and administration of His Church on the earth. What a sweet experience.

In more than a few ways, this Conference has brought much needed answers and comfort to me. I felt like President Eyring spoke directly to me during Priesthood Session when he said, “The Lord has chosen YOU to receive an education in His Priesthood.”

This is the time of year when students find out whether they have been chosen: for graduate schools, for scholarships, for internships for the summer, for positions the coming year. But, President Eyring’s message made me remember that in the end, whether we are chosen by the scholarship committee or the internship coordinator or not, we have been chosen by the Lord to receive a holy education with a sacred internship in His work and an eternal position in His glorious Priesthood. We have much to rejoice about.

This is also the time when life seems to take a strangle hold on hope as assignment after assignment finds their due date rapidly approaching. My struggle has been to keep from giving up hope or from crowding out opportunities for service. What a perfect answer it was to have so much of the Conference focused on the Welfare Program. I felt reenergized to go and serve – reinvigorated with the assurance that I can be a great blessing to another despite my weakness.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with the Lord and His disciples.