In a recent conversation I was a participant in some comments were made about life. They were most certainly true in the context, but one of them has been bothering me. It was something to the effect that it is not a real portrayal of life to see a happy ending in movies/literature, etc. While there is much suffering and hurt in the world, and we do not always see or realize happy endings, I would like to say that ultimately we will all receive a happy ending. The gospel of Jesus Christ provides the way for that to be possible; it is fundamentally a gospel of happiness.

When we watch movies and read books and it ends happily, I believe this is a microcosmic interpretation/feeling of the hope that we have as human beings that we too will receive a happy ending. This helps me to see that human beings want and desire happiness, even if we don’t always agree on how we will obtain it.

Each hero/heroine has to overcome some dragon or boiling pit of lava, death or destruction, chaos and turmoil, and a host of other challenges, but in the end of the story the good are justly rewarded and the evil are punished. As human beings we want the appeasement that justice brings and the peace that mercy affords. And that is all made possible through the Saviour’s Atonement.

While we way sit in our towers now and wait for deliverance, or whether we are battling depression or doubt, fear or sickness, sin or despair, ultimately we will overcome through the Atonement of Christ and we will gain the happiest ending possible.