I have been undergoing quite the struggle lately. This truly is an interesting stage in my life. A time of massive changes, new beginnings and at times utter confusion. It is in this difficult period of my life at the  beginning of my schooling and right after my mission that I have learned some important lessons. Yet, lately the Lord has been bringing things to my attention that I wish I’d better understood earlier in my life, even while I was a missionary. These things or specifically ideas have seemed to permeate every conference talk,  scripture study and most church meetings I’ve been to lately. What I’m referring are the things in life that matter the most. This is something has bothered me for a long time. I’m not the only one though, I think everyone struggles with deciding which things are of the most importance in life. For me discovering what matters most has been a long struggle as I make some major changes in my life.  These changes began my senior year of high school, and are continuing even after serving a two year mission. It all started with a realization of what things mattered to me the most. At first it video games, TV, computer games, or things to help me escape the difficulties I perceived in the world. As I’ve come closer to the Lord in my life, my idea of what matters the most have changed dramatically. With the help of the words of modern Prophets I have begun to understand what matters most in life. This would be my relationships. I’m referring to ALL my relationships, both of this world and beyond it (in reference to God). This idea is most clearly explained by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf  in the talk entitled “Of the things that matter most.” In this talk, President Uchtdorf notes that most important things we have in life are our relationships. He notes breaks these relationships into four major groups God, family, everyone else, and ourselves. He then proceeds to describe each relationship and what we can to better them. In studying this talk and attempting to apply it to my own life I find it to be very true. Our relationships our truly the most important thing we have in life. It is these four relationships that give our lives purpose and meaning. No material possessions can compare with the beauty and strength that these relationships bring into our lives. Honestly I could have everything in the world but without my family, friends, Heavenly Father, Savior, girlfriend, and many others I’d be nothing. Truly, the only things worthwhile in life involve these relationships with others. Even our relationship with ourselves is important because if we don’t love ourselves then why should even begin to love others. Truly the relationships that I have gained in this life are the most rewarding part of it. Maintaining them is what truly brings the most meaning and purpose to my existence. I hope those I have relationships, especially my Father in Heaven realize how much I love them. One thing is for certain I cannot do this alone. How grateful I am that I don’t have to, that salvation is not a lonely business but in many cases a team effort. One thing my mission taught is that we cannot be saved alone. We cannot become perfected by ourselves. Though everyone will be judged individually, we will ultimately be judged on how we’ve helped other, or you might say on the quality of our relationships. I that this is so, I know that God truly does live. He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I know He loves us and that His relationship to us is the most important thing to Him. Truly, as the scriptures say “…he loved us first…” He certainly loved me before I loved Him. I know as we strive strengthen and maintain those most important relationships in our lives we can attain the ultimate happiness, even that same quality of joy and happiness God Himself enjoys. I leave that with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.