Ok ok, I know it’s Mail Man or Postal Worker in the US, but in South Africa we say “Post Man” so I am sticking to my roots!

This morning I began my study of Preach My Gospel again (I have been home for almost 3 years now)! As I was paging though the beginning, I was reading all the notes and comments I had written in the margins and I came across something I wrote in early 2008.

Background: My companion and I were tracting (aka knocking on doors and trying to share the gospel with people) in a town called Evergreen Park in the southern suburbs of Chicago. There weren’t many people home, and as was customery in this highly Catholic neighborhood, those that were home didn’t really want to listen to us.

Our protocol was to knock, wait and if no one was home, we would slide a pass along card between the door and the door frame, right by the handle. So were were doing this and we went down one side of the street and then crossed over to the other side. At the same time the post man (aka mail man) was delivering mail. In this neighborhood the mailman had to actually walk up to the door as the mailboxes were not out on the street.

I ended up walking up the walkway and coming to the door right as the mail man was coming to the same door. One of us needed to wait for the other to do their “job” and I politely said to him that he could go ahead adding, “They probably want what you have more than they want what we have!” To my utter surprise he responded, “They probably NEED what you have more than they need what I have!” I was speechless and I was so amazed at what he had said! This Post Man must have seen the missionaries MANY times before and knew what we were doing. He knew who we were without ever meeting us and he knew what we were doing was important – NECESSARY in fact! It was a great moment!!!

I smiled to myself this morning as I recalled this experience and was reminded not only that people NEED the gospel, but we are always being watched and noticed as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and people – whether or not they seem like it or not – they see the importance of what we are doing too.

I’m grateful for that Post Man teaching me an important lesson 3 years ago, and even more grateful today for reminding me of it!

~Jacqueline (aka Ruby)