Has anyone ever heard faith compared to taking a step in the dark?

Well, I was recently reading a note in my scriptures I’d written about faith and taking a step in the dark. I thought about it and it struck me that we actually don’t need to take steps in the darkness—we just need to take steps toward the light. If we were really walking in darkness, I don’t think we’d know which way to walk or what to turn to.

Christ is the light of the world and we can all look toward Him.

In my mind I’m picturing darkness with a light up ahead–I think that’s what our journey is more like. And in fact, though we are walking toward the greatest light, we’ve all been given candles (the Light of Christ) that can help guide our foot steps.

This really makes me think of how merciful Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are–they give us so much and provide so many sign posts and aids to help us in our journey home. We might not be able to see the whole path, with every turn along the way, but we do not walk in darkness. We are walking toward and with a warm and steady light.

(see Alma 30:44–we’ve been given all things, even nature, to teach us to know God!)

ps – I just saw a picture of a city and it made me think of another analogy: we are like cars (with headlamps!) moving toward the great light of a big city—we can move toward it, though around us is darkness. Cars can’t see the whole road to get there but they can see enough to keep moving forward and to keep having hope.  Also, like with cars, our lights can help make the path brighter for others! Even if they may be missing a headlamp, they can follow us :)

from Wikipedia, by Kumar83, 22 October 2006