After five months of wishing, and hoping, and praying, and being patient, I got a job!  I’ve been hired on at the school I interned at, as a 4th grade teacher.  I’m quite relieved and quite happy.  This has been a faith-promoting experience for me.

You see, it hasn’t been a smooth road.  At first there were no openings at my school.  Then my coworker decided to seek a job in Wyoming, so I fasted and prayed for him to get the job.  Meanwhile it was time to start applying for jobs.  The one I wanted was at my school, but it wasn’t even an opening yet.  I was putting all my eggs in a basket that wasn’t even a viable option at that point.  Others questioned my course of action, but I followed my gut.  The thought of applying to a different school made me feel sick, so I didn’t.  I held my ground.  After quite a while, my coworker got the job in Wyoming.  Then began the long process of creating the opening at my school (…politics and procedures), and I applied.  After two weeks of interviewing candidates and a week to make up his mind, my principal hired me!  But he didn’t want me to tell anyone for another week (until he contacted everyone who didn’t get the job).  After another week or two, he decided which grade level to put me in.  This whole situation was tailored to teaching me patience, which I admit, Heavenly Father has been trying to teach me for a long time.  This time it worked.  I learned some.  I’m sure I’ll discover gaps in my patience later, but this time I found it much easier to wait.  I think it is related to faith.

You see, at the beginning of the process, I told God what I wanted.  I asked Him if it was within His will that I pursue this job, and I felt it was.  So throughout the whole sticky process, I felt that I had the sanction of Heaven.  Now God hadn’t confirmed to me that I’d get that job, but he approved my course of action.  I knew that if it didn’t happen, He would provide a new direction for me to go.  That gave me an anchor.  Faith provided the anchor for me to have patience.  The patience to wait.