He’s got a point. And its interesting he decides to use Star Trek to make it.


Let’s get outside of the San Francisco bubble for a little while (trust me, there is oxygen here). I realize in a world saturated with protesters who have all the sophistication and menace of a shipful of Pakleds, it may seem like a protest in front of Kevin Rose’s home is the Biggest News in the Universe. It may seem doubly so when said protesters are demanding $3 billion in latinum, and your only news comes from Section 31 (rebranded as Secrets with a capital S to appeal to a wider audience). It’s visceral, raw, enervating and local, and it would be the featured story on Downworthy, if such a portal existed.

But outside the 7×7 Alpha Quadrant, things aren’t going so well for technology’s forces. Our local immigration lobby Bwd.Us (formerly known as Fwd.us) has had all of the luck of a redshirt beaming down with…

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