Choose your own adventure books taken to the next level! Wait, does anyone even remember those?!


Startup Adventr (pronounced “adventure”) is betting that it can make online video even more addictive with interactivity.

For example, here’s a promotional video for Adventr itself — at the beginning, a girl finds a camera in her closet, and you can choose whether she takes it or leaves it. (Trust me on this one — it’s a lot more interesting if you take the camera.) Founder Devo Harris also showed me a sample movie trailer, where you can make choices through, like “save the girl” or “save the city”, which determine the footage that you see.

At its heart, Adventr is overlaying graphics on a video and presenting viewers with multiple choices, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a Choose Your Own Adventure-style interface. For example, musician (and Adventr investor) John Legend created a video where he teaches viewers to play his song “All Of Me”

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