Here’s an interesting idea for a router.


American children spend five to seven hours per day staring at screens, TV and otherwise, according to data published by the National Institutes of Health. This leads to increased risks of weight gain and obesity, anxiety, depression, and inability to sleep, studies have found. But parental controls – and really, a better understanding of how to manage children’s screen time – are still limited, it seems.

After watching technology take over his own family’s life, a father of three, Rob Irizarry, decided to do something about this by developing Kudoso, a system for managing kids’ internet access using a combination of software and custom hardware.

Kudoso works both as a software application you can install on your own (supported) internet router, or you can purchase a router which ships with the software pre-installed.

The system is not entirely dissimilar from a number of parental control technologies on the market…

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