This is awesome! Wasn’t sure about the blog at first, but these entries are incredible! Of course, as a history buff I’m slightly biased.

14 Weeks Worth of Socks

August 26-31, 1941Click here for diary entry for Wednesday August 20th 1941 – Monday August 25th 1941

Tuesday August 26th

143rd Day

Went to range and shot with Bren & Tommy.  Swim.  Parade in afternoon.  At night Jerry bombed hell out of aerodrome.  Bombs getting too close to us got in slit trenches.  Could see him dropping his flares lighting the place up like day.  Ammunitions dump caught fire.  As each bomb exploded shook our hut.  Night fighters and ack-ack (anti-aircraft) fire soon chased him away.

Wednesday August 27th

144th Day

Dug slit trenches in morning.  Swim in afternoon.  Early to bed.  Boys would not do C.B(?) as O.C (Officer Commanding) ordered.

Thursday August 28th

145th Day

Company for duty – was POW guard.  Took Libyan prisoners out to fill sandbags. Pleasant chaps better than the wogs. Returned to camp and 60 had to go before O.C.  All remanded.   Quiet night.


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